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Because of the diversity of large cities in North Carolina, many citizens are demanding non-traditional foods such as chevron, or goat meat. Also popular with various ethnic groups is lamb. Marketing lamb and goat meat to these groups is made possible through the farmers markets in the metropolitan areas. Because of their small size, sheep and goat can be easier to manage but do require adequate pasture and fencing. Most operations in North Carolina raise a few dozen head per farm, with some larger farms raising up to 1000. Sheep and goats manage easily on good quality pasture with a 5-6 head per acre stocking rate. Costs for getting started in the sheep and goat business can vary, depending on the availability of land, fencing, hay, and water. Other costs include feed, labor, and the initial investment of animals.

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Goat and Sheep Producers
Roundup II
: This second annual conference will supply sheep and goat
producers with up to date information about management, marketing, and other
questions about this exciting industry.  This year's conference will be at the Lions Club Fairgrounds in Lee County, NC. 

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updated March 7, 2008

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