Pesticide Disposal

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Pesticides are often used to assist in the removal of pests from unwanted places. What happens when the pesticide product is no longer needed and needs to be removed? The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services offers a Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program to assist the citizens of NC. Through the program, farmers, gardeners, and homeowners can safely dispose of unwanted pesticides.

In 1980, the NCDA&CS led the nation with the Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program that was the first program of its kind. This stewardship program has properly collected and disposed of over 3 million pounds of pesticides from our state. Pesticide stewardship protects human health and the environment. Collection sites vary from year to year across the 100 counties in NC. The goal is to provide disposal opportunity to all citizens by alternating locations. The rotation schedule will bring another site to Lenoir County in 2019. Residents can visit neighboring counties to dispose of pesticides. When property owners remove potentially hazardous materials, they help reduce the risk of accidental poisoning of children, pets, and livestock. Improper disposal of pesticides can cause environmental damage. It is possible for pesticides to stop the bacterial action in a septic tank or contaminate a municipal sewage system as well as surface and groundwater.

Bring your unwanted pesticides on September 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to Triangle Chemical located at 1583 Highway 258 South in Kinston. Any labeled pesticide products will be accepted whether insecticide, herbicide, rodenticides or fungicide. These pesticides are containerized, weighed, and loaded into a transport vehicle. The materials are transported out-of-state for incineration. If you have containers larger than 5 gallons, please contact Walter Adams at Lenoir County Cooperative Extension by phone at 252-527-2191. He will need to make arrangements prior to the event. Adams is also available by email ( if you have any questions.

Take advantage of this opportunity to remove pesticides from the shelf that are no longer used and remember it is cost free to individuals.