Pesticide Disposal

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Anyone that uses pesticides will at some point need to dispose of some unwanted pesticide.

It is extremely important to all of us that pesticides are either used up according to the label or disposed of in a proper manner.  Never dump pesticides or pesticide wastes on the ground, into or near water, or into storm drains, or septic tanks as it may result in serious harm to people, animals, and the environment. The pesticide user is responsible for the proper care of pesticides and their proper disposal. 

Disposing of pesticide concentrate that is no longer needed or legal to use, can be a burden, but there are safe disposal options available to you. The first step is to store the product in a safe place (away from children or potential flooding sites) for future, proper disposal or collection. Be sure the container is labeled and in good condition.

One method of getting rid of excess pesticide concentrate is to contact the pesticide manufacturer to see if they will take it back. Another method is to contact other possible users of the pesticide to see if they have a use for it. For legal reasons, never sell a pesticide unless you are a licensed dealer. Both of these suggestions are based on the assumption that the pesticide is in the original, fully labeled container.

Pesticides with out-dated labels, pesticides where the labeled uses have changed or the pesticide has been taken off of the market, can usually still be used until supplies are exhausted. This means that for most pesticides with out-dated labels, you can legally use up the pesticide according to the label on the container. There are exceptions to the rule because for some pesticides, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will allow old label uses for only a short time after product cancellation or label change. In rare cases, U.S. EPA may put a stop use on a product at the time of cancellation.

A free pesticide disposal collection day is scheduled for Thursday, December 3, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Lenoir County at the Lenoir County Livestock Arena. The collection is provided by the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS) in cooperation with Lenoir County Cooperative Extension.

Collected on the Pesticide Disposal Collection Day are pesticides such as insecticides, fungicides and herbicides that are in original containers and clearly labeled. Weed and feed products are taken but not fertilizer alone. Not accepted are products that are unlabeled. Any pesticide intended for disposal or collection must be in a correctly labeled container in good condition. Paints or other household hazardous waste will not be accepted.

The NCDA&CS must be notified for all metal containers larger than 5 gallons to be brought for disposal. NCDA&CS must be notified at least 1 week before the collection day with a list of all drums and their sizes so that the necessary equipment can be on hand at the collection site. Each year the Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program visits between 40-50 counties to collect unwanted and unused pesticides through this NON-regulatory amnesty Program. This means that a Collection Day of this kind only happens about once every other year in each county.

Please call Jacob Morgan at (252)448-9621 with question and for directions to the disposal site.